Why Writing


Me : So could you tell me briefly what motivated you, in the first instance, to include writing as part of your choreographic practice?

You/More Me: Well my primary motivation in setting out to integrate writing into my practice was to see if it might help me to clarify/unknot some sensations, ‘questions’ that I felt had become entangled around the heart of my choreographic practice. I wanted to open my process of creating work to scrutiny, to re-examine it, and to make it more transparent, to see if I could get a better sense of what might be causing some of the “knots” blockages. It thought it would be a pretty straightforward plumbing job, but it turned out to be more like doing open heart surgery, on myself. I kept trying to pretend, or hope, it was on my work but it always inevitably came tediously back to me, me, me  (that maelstrom of multiple forces and maybe to creator of them also) visible and invisible. Desire, whipped up stirred and stirring.

Me: Well, did writing help sooth them, down. Down.

You/Other Me: Maybe, ish. Fish. The problem is that desires can be very elusive, sneaky really. They whip it up. Whip it in. Whip it out. Whip it around. whi whu whu whi whi whu whi whi. Sounds before the word, seed syllables, on the wind, carried and carrying the air, the tune and on on into dance. Turning.

Me: Whistling winds, whi whi whist,  let’s get back to  wri wri writing for the moment and to the organisation of words, visible on the surface, in straight lines.

You/More Me: Can we pause  here, a light blue tit on a branch alighting, on the word oranisation, or, or or Organisation organs. Organs and bodies of course lead here  to the notion of  the body without organs. If you would like to know more you then you might like to follow some leads from Artaud to Deleuze and Guattari and back and forth and back and forth. Oh those French boys oh boys.  This text is not without its fish they are swimming, swarming, in the very depths from which these word emerge. Last night, I dreamt the sky was white , and I wanted to make some marks on it, in blue.