As a teacher Mary Nunan leads workshops in dance technique, improvisation and composition.  These workshops are based principles and practices drawn from a range sources including post-modern release-based tecniques, the Erick Hawkins contemporary dance technique, the Somatic practices of Body-Mind Centering, Authentic Movement, Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation.  They are also greatly informed by the questions that Mary is exploring in her own work.

The primary focus of the technique workshops is to examine and reflect on concepts of internal and external space from a number of perspectives.  The content of the workshops is introduced through a combination of structured improvisations and proscribed passages of movement.  The underlying question is the degree to which heightened awareness of internal and external space and somatic mindfulness provide for increased clarity in movement and in performance.

In her composition classes Mary is interested in supporting participants to become aware of how they relate to material they themselves generate in response to compositional tasks; what gets edited and developed in an emerging work, and why?

Recently Mary has also been looking at how writing might be integrated as a generative strand of the process of creating choreographic works